• School that swapped its laptops for iPads wants to switch back

    A colleague of mine recently sent me this interesting article about a school that swapped its laptops for iPads and is now regretting the decision.

    Personally, I can't wait to see what Windows 8 will have to offer. Tablet technology is becoming increasingly powerful, to the point that we should be expecting to see a full version of Windows running on a tablet, with full versions of the productivity software we depend on.

    While Android and iPad tablets have proven very useful, I believe their stripped down operating systems will be short lived once fully tablet enabled versions of operating systems such as Windows 8 are released. I have not yet seen Windows 8, so I can't speak to it's usability. But eventually the slim crippled operating systems we see on tablets will be a thing of the past as users demand the capabilities of laptops on tablets.

    The above article though raises a number of concerns (which may well be beyond the scope of this article) such as:

    • It makes good case for centralization of technology decisions vs. site based decision making.
    • Was there adequate training?
    • Did the users have a clear understanding of the capabilities and shortcomings of tablets?
    • Do ET and IT have a good relationship in this school / division and do they collaborate to achieve solutions that truly work?

    I'm really interested in your thoughts... It's not very often you find an article like this that discusses when technology decisions go wrong.