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  1. Accreditations Are Very Important

    Over the recent years, several online high schools, online middle schools and online elementary schools have sprung up all over the country in response to the growing demand for online education in the country. Parents seem to be extremely curious about the potential online learning environments have to offer and how they can benefit their children. There has been a lot of talk about the different kinds of options available through online solutions and the advantages they offer over traditional ...

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  2. Enroll in High School Courses Online

    Only accredited online high school courses can help you to boost your academic career, Forest Trail academy offers an accredited online high curriculum to our students which help them to achieve their goals and aim in life and career.
  3. Online high school courses guide

    Online high school courses guide, classes and programs to enroll. We have range of programs available for kindergarten through twelfth grade students online. Have a look at our online high school courses guide and make the most of our flexible and interactive programs.
  4. Correlation

    We already know of many statistical measures relating to uni variate distribution. Uni variate distribution refers to the distribution of one variable. This one variable can be x such that x is height of students in a class, weight of members of a gym, mark obtained by a group of persons in an exam, profit of a firm, wages of laborers and so on. However, study of more than one variables simultaneously may be required in some situations. A business man may need to know how much to invest so as to ...
  5. Probability Problems

    To come to the probability problem, first you have to understand the concept of probability.
    Probability means the occurrence of the events can be in any manner giving out various outcomes. The outcomes can be acceptable or can’t be acceptable as it totally depends upon the situations which give birth to the concept of probability. For example if we want to extract that an interviewer’s interview was how much percent well or not well. The probability can be 70 percent, 60 percent, 35 percent
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